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Discover This Long Lost Jazz Treasure And Watch Your Jazz Soloing Chops Go Through The Roof


Dear Friend,

If you are interested in taking your jazz improvisation skills to new levels then this is going to be incredibly exciting news for you.

It doesn't matter if you are out to improve your jazz playing or you are just starting to learn jazz, when it really comes down to it, jazz playing boils down to the art of creating a great jazz solo.

That is the pinnacle of jazz improvisation.

No matter how good you are, there is always room to improve your soloing technique and concepts.

So what is the quickest, easiest way to do that?

Well, you could find some jazz chords, play through some jazz charts or maybe take a jazz lesson and learn some jazz scales.
But nothing can really take the place of learning jazz solos performed by the world's greatest jazz musicians.

Today there are more resources and technology available than ever before, but there still isn't anything out there that will transcribe a solo for you.

Now, I don't know about you..

But, these days who has the time to invest hundreds of hours copying tons of solos?
(even though you know it is the best, if not the only, surefire method to pump up your playing with top notch chops and improv ideas).

That problem is now solved for you.

We've put together the Great Jazz Solos Fakebook Software full of real jazz transcriptions.

Great Jazz Solos  Fakebook Software Great Jazz Solos  Fakebook SoftwareGreat Jazz Solos  Fakebook Software

These are not just disconnected jazz licks like you would see in a jazz improv book.

No, these are the real, honest to God, note for note jazz solos played by the proven masters of music improvisation, covering all styles of jazz music.

It doesn't matter if Miles Davis is jazz to you, or jazz is Louis Armstrong, there is one incredible jazz solo after another for you here.

Miles Davis Jazz     Jazz Louis Armstrong

And we aren't just talking trumpet solos.

Sax jazz is here in full force also.

Need a trombone solo?

We got it covered. Also jazz guitar, piano solos, bass solos, and don't forget flute, vibes, clarinet solos (and even solos for violin and celeste).

With all of these powerful jazz solos at your disposal. you can't help but watch immediate improvements take place in your playing.

The variety of solos presented here is stunning.

There is no quicker way to achieve instant results.

And, if you are like most players, whenever you can get huge benefits from less effort, you'll say yes to that every time.


Quite Frankly....

This was a very difficult project to put together for you.

It made the previous products we've developed seem like a walk in the park by comparison.

But it was worth every minute. Our Pain is Your Gain.

This is an extremely exciting product.

Here are just some of the benefits you'll receive

· All of the solos are already transcribed for you.
· You don't have to acquire the recordings.
· You don't have to find the location of the solo within the recording.
· All of the transcriptions and recordings are already organized for you.
· You can sort or find by song title, soloist, tempo, key, instrument
· You don't have to research thousands of recordings hoping to find the correct one that matches the solo.

How it all came to pass...

The Great Jazz Solos Fakebook Software is created from the long lost Spaces Jazz Fakebook Volume 6.

Spaces Jazz  Fakebook Volume 6 Jazz Solos

The Spaces Fakebook Volume 6 could have been up their in reputation with the Real Book Volume 1, 5th edition.

But it quickly disappeared into thin air and became extremely rare.
I bought my copy back in 1980. It is the only copy of the Volume 6 Fakebook I have ever seen.

Disappeared? Why?


To take full advantage of the collection of transcriptions, you would have needed an absolutely huge jazz record collection that contained the exact, specific recordings for each of the solos in the book..

Would you want to open a book and just read through the solos without any kind of audio reference at all?

I guess that's fine if you are just trying to build your sight reading chops, but there are certainly other materials out there for doing that.

If you are trying to lock onto some cool jazz chops and phrasing, then working on your sightreading chops won't do it for you.

Let's say you were one of the lucky few who originally bought this fakebook back in its paper version.
You may have been fortunate enough to have had a small handful of these recordings in your collection already.

But hundreds of them?
Not likely.

Who knows how many separate musicians were involved in the creation of this fakebook, but it is doubtful that even they had amassed all of these recordings into one gigantic collection.

We are taking about over 21 hours of recordings here.

How does your collection stack up?

It doesn't matter because...

Finally, for the first time ever, everything is under one roof.
A very rare book of transcriptions paired with the exact recording where it originated.

Stop and ponder this for a second

Imagine how much time and effort it would take for you to put together this killer collection.

The countless hours of research, trying to find what versions of songs the solos were from, and from which album.

Locating, Acquiring, Licensing, Researching, Collecting, Digitizing, Transferring, Editing, Assembling, Programming......

In Fact....

As you might imagine, many of these recorded solos are next to impossible to find, or very expensive when they are found.

Frankly I've spent more on acquiring a single recording here than you will spend for the entire collection.

But trying to find rare recordings and forking out large amounts of cash won't be your problem anymore.

You don't have to do anything other than buy a copy of the Great Jazz Solos Fakebook Software.

Everything else has been done for you.

That says it all really.

This amazing collection is assembled using the same powerful software engine that runs all of the RealBook Software programs. (available for Windows XP, Vista, 7, Mac 10.4.9 and up or as a Plugin for the RealBook Software).

Real Book Software For WindowsReal Book Software For WindowsCharlie Parker  Fakebook Software For Mac
Great Jazz Solos Fakebook Software Plugin For The RealBookSoftwareGreat Jazz Solos Fakebook Software Plugin For The RealBookSoftwareGreat Jazz Solos Fakebook Software Plugin For The RealBookSoftware

This allows you sort the entire catalog by song title, artist key, tempo etc.

Click a button and the audio plays.

What does that mean to you?

That means that you'll have instant access to any transcription and its recording. Fast.

How many of these ways would YOU use the Great Jazz Solos Fakebook Software?

  • Use it as a self-study tool
  • Learn whole solos were just cherry pick certain licks.
  • Improve your phrasing.
  • Acquire new solo concepts.
  • Jazz Research, Analysis and study.
  • Study different tones, vibratos, etc.
  • Build up your reading chops.
  • Expand your technique.
  • Get fresh ideas and inspiration.
  • How about for your own personal enjoyment.
  • Use as a teaching tool.
  • Broaden your jazz knowledge and appreciation.

  • Here are the Facts And Figures

    There Are

    · 184 Solos - by
    · 71 artists - on
    · 11 instruments - with
    · 400 Pages of solos - spanning
    · Over 50 years of jazz - from the 20's to the 70's
    · Every imaginable style of jazz music gets covered here

    On these essential jazz instruments

    · Saxophone
    · Trumpet
    · Piano
    · Guitar
    · Bass
    · Trombone
    · Flute
    · Vibes
    · Violin
    · And even Celeste

    Here's a quick re-cap of the contents

  • Solos for all of the essential jazz instruments.
  • Covers all of the critical jazz styles.
  • Spans 50 years of critical jazz history.
  • Variety of tempos from 54 to 350.
  • Variety of keys. 22 major and minor keys as well as modal and non-tonal center changes.
  • Huge range of players.

  • The list of artists is a real Who's Who of jazz...

    John Coltrane, Charlie Parker, Sonny Rollins, Lester Young, Jimmy Forrest, Stan Getz, Sony Stitt,
    Cannonball Adderly, Gary Bartz, George Coleman, Ornette Coleman, Tubby Hayes, Jimmy Heath,
    Joe Henderson, Johnny Hodges, Lee Konitz, Harold Land, Jackie McClean, Pharoah Sanders,

    Cannonball Adderly. Stan Getz LesterYoung Sonny Rollins

    Freddie Hubbard, Miles Davis, Clifford Brown, Louis Armstrong, Donald Byrd, Kenny Dorham, Lee Morgan, Red Allen, Dizzy Gillespie, Thad Jones, Booker Little, Clark Terry, Bobby Bryant, Roy Elridge,
    Frank Gordon, Blue Mitchell, Woody Shaw, Lew Soloff,

    Clifford Brown Louis ArmstrongFreddie HubbardRoy Elridge

    J.J. Johnson, Vic Dickenson, Kid Ory,Richard Davis, Monk Montgomery, Jean Luc Ponty,
    Milt Jackson, Hubert Laws, Herbie Mann, Jeremy Steig,

    JJ Johnson Jeremy SteigRichard Davis

    Charlie Christian, Wes Montgomery, Kenny Burrell, Django Reinhardt,
    George Benson, Tal Farlow, Mick Goodrick, Joe Pass,

    Charlie Christian Joe PassDjango Reinhardt

    Bud Powell, Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock, Horace Silver, Joe Zawinul, Keith Jarrett, Lennie Tristano,
    McCoy Tyner, Oscar Peterson, Roger Kellaway, Thelonius Monk, Wynton Kelly...

    Chick Corea Herbie HancockMcCoy TynerKeith Jarrett

    Now I know that you know the answer to this...

    Did any of these players ever copy solos and riffs from other players?

    Absolutely. Without a doubt. It was an essential part of them becoming great.

    Now you can do the same with a minimum of time and effort.

    Here's The Bottom line...


    You won't be able to duplicate this anywhere, at any price.

    This is a serious bargain on several levels.

    The Great Jazz Solos Fakebook Software will save you incredible amounts of time and effort.

    The transcribing has already been done for you.

    You won't have to research then try to hunt down the original recordings that contain the actual solo.

    Even the key, tempo and solo start times have been collected for you.

    And don't forget how much cash you'll save by not having to buy hundreds of CDs or LPs just to get to the one solo.

    In many cases you might even be buying the wrong version of the solo you are trying to match (like I've done).

    Believe me, you are going to save a fortune.

    And talk about convenience. You'll have instant access to an immense powerhouse of musical knowledge.

    Click a button and see the solo. Click another button and hear the recording.
    It is so easy to operate. All you have to do is follow along while listening.
    If you can work a computer then you are in.

    In short, you'll be able to...

  • Sharpen your skills,
  • Improve your soloing concepts,
  • Deepen your appreciation,
  • Increase your knowledge and technique.
  • All while saving huge amounts of time, money, effort, research, discipline, and organization.

    Now, Listen Closely

    Because this is a such rare fake book and because the recordings are so valuable and hard-to-find, I wanted to charge twice the price of what the RealBook Software costs.

    I know you agree that even if this program cost $150 or more, all of the transcribed solos and their recordings would be an absolute steal.

    But I'm not going to charge that much... just yet.

    I want you to be able to get your hands on this incredible program and start beefing up your jazz chops and jazz vocabulary instantly.

    But Wait. It Gets Even Better

    I'm going to make this offer even more of an absolute no-brainer. Completely irresistable.

    I'm going to add some bonuses.

    Not because I have to, but because I really want to.

    These are just simply too cool.

    Bonus #1.
    A rare recording of Paul Desmond interviewing Charlie Parker.

    Paul Desmond Interviewing Charlie Parker    CHarlie Parker Interview

    Wow! How incredible is that? Two jazz greats talking shop.

    Have you ever even heard Bird speak?

    Now you can hear it straight from the mouth of the master himself.

    You've got to agree, this is a pretty cool bonus. How could you possibly top that?

    Stick around it gets cooler yet.

    Bonus #2.
    Over 62 minutes worth of a rare John Coltrane interview.

        John Coltrane Interview

    Again, how cool is it to hear Trane talk about music?

    For instance, hear how his mouthpiece troubles led him into an entirely new musical direction.

    Somehow hearing "the man" makes you feel even closer to the music, since you already know him as "the artist.


    Those are two pretty incredible bonuses don't you agree?

    I had never heard Bird or Trane speaking before I heard these interviews.

    Maybe you haven't either. I know you will find these to be very inspirational.

    I could easily stop right there, but again I'm giving you this stuff because I want you to have it.

    There's one more bonus that I'm going to lay on you.

    Now the bonuses are going from incredibly cool to extremely cool.

    Bonus #3.
    The full 45 minute film of Bill Evans interviewed by his brother.

        Bill Evans Bonus

    This is classic 60s era Bill Evans talking on the subject of jazz artistry and of course playing as only Bill Evans can.

    Again, I just wanted to share these with you as an extra gift to go with your Great Jazz Solos Fake book.

    The Great Jazz Solos Fakebook is available for Windows XP and Vista, Mac 10.4.9 and Up Or As A Plugin For The RealBook Software. (the Plugin requires you to already own the RealBook Software program).

    Should You Get A copy of the Great Jazz Solos Fakebook Software for yourself?

    The Answer Is Yes.

    In fact, getting a copy for a relative, friend or student is also a great idea.

    You know you would be absolutely crazy not to jump at this offer, even at a much higher price.

    You simply have no reason not to order it at this remarkably low introductory price.

    Choose from the Stand Alone Version for Windows or Mac, or the Plugin if you have the RealBook Software. If you don't already have the RealBook Software, you should really get it. You don't know what you are missing.

    RealBook for Vista And XP Real Book For Mac


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    "Get It Now" - Great Jazz Solos Fakebook Software

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    Great Jazz Solos For WindowsGreat Jazz Solos For MacGreat Jazz Solos For Mac

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    Yes! Yes! I understand that I get 400 pages worth of incredible, must have, jazz solos, covering the 11 main instruments used in jazz (and one unusual one) ($140.00 value)

    Yes! Yes! I want those ultra rare killer recordings totaling 21 hours 4 minutes and 47 seconds worth of playing time ( at least $1181.59 in value).

    Yes! Yes! I understand that the total value of this worth at least $1321.59 at a bare minimum, conservative tally.

    Yes! Yes! I understand that this is a limited offer and the the introductory price WILL go up very soon!!

    Yes! Yes! I want to get it now while the price is only $97.00
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    Yes! Yes! I want those 3 killer bonuses also.

    We Ship Worldwide!

    Yes! I understand that most orders are processed the same day they are placed. Every order is a Rush Job.

    Yes! I'll receive a premium quality DVD, packaged in a DVD case and shipped in a bubble wrapped plastic envelope for extra protection.

    Yes! I'd also like to be notified when future jazz products or other Fakebook modules are released.

    Great Jazz Solos for Vista And XPGreat Jazz Solos For Mac

    Building up your jazz solo chops was never so easy.

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    *Plugin requires the RealBook Software

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    The standalone is a separate program containing only the Great Jazz Solos content.

  • Here are the songs and solos you'll find in the program
    3, 2, 1, 0 - Piano, Admiral Halsey - Trumpet, After The Cosmic Rain - Piano, Airegin - Saxophone, All The Things You, Are - Saxophone, Alto Madness - Saxophone, Anderson Tapes Theme Vibes , Arietas - Trumpet, At The Jimmy's Bar - Guitar, Back Home - Piano, Basin Street Blues - Trumpet, Beau Koo Jack - Trumpet, Big Boy - Bass, Birdlike - Trumpet, Bird's Mother - Trumpet, Black Forrest - Saxophone, Blue Moon - Trumpet, Blue Moses - Trumpet, Blue Train - Saxophone, Blue Train - Trumpet, Blues To You - Saxophone, Blues - Trumpet, Bob's Place - Trumpet, Body And Soul - Saxophone, Body And Soul - Trumpet, Bones For Jones - Trumpet, Bongo Beep - Saxophone, Bourbon Street Parade - Trombone, Breeze And I, The - Guitar, Brownie Speaks - Trumpet, Bucktown Stomp - Trombone, Celia - Piano, Changing Scene - Trumpet, Cherokee - Saxophone, Coffee Pot - Trombone, Con Alma - Saxophone, Coral - Guitar, Countdown - Saxophone, Crazeology - Saxophone, Crisis - Trumpet, Dahomey Dance - Trumpet, Dance Of The Infidels - Piano, Deluge - Piano, Donna Lee - Trumpet, Early Autumn - Saxophone, East Broadway Rundown - Trumpet, Embraceable You - Saxophone, Eurydice - Piano, Fascinatin Rhythm - Piano, Fe Fi Fo Fum - Trumpet, Feedin' The Bean - Trumpet, Firewater - Piano, Frutti Tutti - Saxophone, Get Happy - Trumpet, Giant Steps - Saxophone, Gingerbread Boy - Trumpet, Godchild - Trumpet, Gone With What Wind - Guitar, Good Morning Starshine - Trumpet, Green Dolphin Street - Trumpet, Groovin' High - Saxophone, Gula Matari - Flute, Gut Bucket Blues - Trombone, Here's That Rainy Day - Guitar, Hubtones - Piano, I Can't Get Started - Trumpet, I Cover The Waterfront - Trumpet, I Got Rhythm - Guitar, I Mean You - Piano, I Never Knew - Guitar, I'll Remember April - Trumpet, I'm Old Fashioned - Trumpet, In Paris - Trumpet, Interlude I - Trumpet, Joy Spring - Piano, Just Friends - Saxophone, Just You, Just Me - Saxophone, K .C. Blues - Saxophone, Keep Hold Of Yourself - Saxophone, Kera's Dance - Trumpet, Killer Joe - Trumpet, Kiss And Run - Trumpet, Lady Bird (Half Nelson) - Trumpet, Limehouse Blues - Guitar, Little Tracy - Piano, Loner, The - Violin, Louisiana Swing - Trumpet, Lover (chorus 1) - Piano, Lover (chorus 2) - Piano, Lover - Saxophone, Lucky Southern - Piano, Lucretia's Reprise - Trumpet, Mahogany Hall Stomp - Trumpet, Matrix - Piano, Meet Ya Here For Love - Saxophone, Memphis Underground - Flute, Merry Go Round - Saxophone, Minor Blues - Saxophone, Minority - Saxophone, Minority - Trumpet, Minority - Trumpet, Miss Jones - Guitar, Moment's Notice - Saxophone, My Funny Valentine - Trumpet, My Romance - Piano, My Shining Hour - Saxophone, Naptown Blues - Guitar, Nice Work If You Can Get It - Piano, Night In Tunisia - Saxophone, No Blues - Piano, Now's The Time - Saxophone, Now's The Time - Trombone, Oh! Karen O - Trumpet, Oleo - Saxophone, Oliloquy Valley - Piano, On It - Trumpet, One - BassHit - Trumpet, Opener, The - Saxophone, Opus De Funk - Piano, Ornithology - Saxophone, Parker's Mood - Saxophone, Passion Flower - Saxophone, Peck A Sec - Trumpet, People Make The World Go Round - Trumpet, Petit Machins - Trumpet, Pretty For The People - Trumpet, Profoundly Blue - Guitar, Promise, The - Saxophone, Pursuance - Piano, Quasimodo - Saxophone, Quota, The - Trumpet, Ray's Idea - Saxophone, Recordame - Saxophone, Recordame - Trumpet, Relaxin’ at Camarilo - Saxophone, Rise - Saxophone, Roseroom - Guitar, Round Trip - Saxophone, S.O.L. Blues - Trumpet, Sands Of Time - Guitar, Secret Love - Piano, She Rote - Saxophone, Shiny Stockings - Bass, Shutter Bug - Trombone, Sidewinder - Trumpet, Sid's Ahead - Trumpet, Skylark - Trumpet, So What - Guitar, So What - Piano, Softly As In A Morning Sunrise - Trumpet, Soon - Saxophone, Soundown - Piano, Spain - Piano, St. Thomas - Saxophone, Straight, No Chaser - Saxophone, Straight, No Chaser - Trumpet, Struttin' With Some Barbeque - Trumpet, Sub-Concious-Lee - Saxophone, Sun In Aquarius Pt.2 - Saxophone, Sunday Walk - Violin, Sunflower - Trumpet, Superbaby - Flute, Survival Of The Fittest - Trumpet, Tad's Delight - Saxophone, Tear It Down - Guitar, Terrible Blues - Trumpet, Tete A Tete - Trumpet, These Foolish Things - Saxophone, Transition - Piano, Tune Up - Saxophone, Ugetsu - Trumpet, Ummh - Saxophone, Valse Hot - Trumpet, W K Blues - Trumpet, Walking In Space - Trumpet, Weary Blues - Trombone, West End Blues - Trumpet, Woody N' You - Trumpet, Yesterdays - Trumpet, You're My Everything - Piano

    Played by these Artists

    John Coltrane, Charlie Parker, Sonny Rollins, Lester Young, Jimmy Forrest, Stan Getz,Sony Stitt, Cannonball Adderly, Gary Bartz, George Coleman, Ornette Coleman, Tubby Hayes, Jimmy Heath, Joe Henderson,Johnny Hodges, Lee Konitz, Harold Land, Jackie McClean, Pharoah Sanders, Freddie Hubbard, Miles Davis, Clifford Brown, Louis Armstrong, Donald Byrd, Kenny Dorham, Lee Morgan, Red Allen, Dizzy Gillespie, Thad Jones, Booker Little, Clark Terry, Bobby Bryant, Roy Elridge, Frank Gordon, Blue Mitchell, Woody Shaw, Lew Soloff, J.J. Johnson, Vic Dickenson, Kid Ory,Richard Davis, Monk Montgomery, Jean Luc Ponty, Milt Jackson, Hubert Laws, Herbie Mann, Jeremy Steig,Charlie Christian, Wes Montgomery, Kenny Burrell, Django Reinhardt, George Benson, Tal Farlow, Mick Goodrick, Joe Pass, Bud Powell, Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock, Horace Silver, Joe Zawinul, Keith Jarrett, Lennie Tristano, McCoy Tyner, Oscar Peterson, Roger Kellaway, Thelonius Monk, Wynton Kelly

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